The Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is a five-year course that equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills to prepare them for a career in architecture, interior design, physical planning, landscaping, urban planning, or building-construction. Through our program, students will create studies to help them learn important skills in conceptualizing and planning structural designs. Their studies may have to do with the initial construction of a building, or the enlargement, renovation, remodeling, restoration or alteration of an existing structure. Furthermore, the program will equip students with knowledge in administering and supervising projects.

Future Careers

Graduates of our BS Architecture program may take up the Architect License Examination. Once they pass, they may specialize in one or more fields of practice, including Architectural Design, Urban Design, Construction Management, Real Estate Development, or the conservation and restoration of buildings. They may also put up their own firm as they advance in their career.



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