Electronics & Communications


The PHINMA UPang BSECE program develops students into applications-oriented professionals that provide service and electronic solutions to challenging technical problems in the fields of the profession. The program continually aims to produce employable individuals with good communication skills, highly immersed in real-work scenarios through experiential learning, and ethical professionals that follow established ethical standards in the practice of the electronics engineering profession.

Future Careers

Graduates of the ECE program can become any of the following; Test Engineer, Sales Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Broadcast Engineer, Control Engineer, Instrumention Engineer, Robotics and Automation (Mechatronics) Engineer, Senior Communications Engineer, Systems Analyst, Electronics Product Specialist, Printed Circuit Designer, Electronics Technician, Quality Assurance Manager, Computer Systems Manager, Computer Programmer, Network Systems Engineer, Building, Management System Engineer, and other ICT-related careers.



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TEL. NO.: +63 (075) 522-5635

FAX: +63 (075) 522-2496

(DAGUPAN) +63 995-078-5660
(URDANETA) +63 996-388-0840 / + 63 938-3449-751
EMAIL: info@up.phinma.edu.ph

Arellano Street,

Dagupan City, Pangasinan 2400